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10 strange things you definitely did when you had a crush
Don't deny it; you know you did these. - photo by Melinda Fox
They call it puppy love; but you called it true love. You just knew that you and your crush would grow up and get married and have kids and be in love forever. That kind of intense love made you do some weird things (or maybe the fact that you didn't really know what love was made you do some crazy things). At any rate, here are some things you totally did when you had a crush:


You played games like MASH to determine whether one day the stars would align and make you and your crush eternally happy (with 12 kids and a Maserati of course).

2. Look and tell

When you and your crush made eye contact, maybe through a crowded hall of people, or maybe as you stared him down through the entirety of biology class, you had to tell your friends. They were excited, too. I mean, he looked at you!

3. Message him through email

It was the only safe way to make contact; and "hey" did wonders, like eliciting a "hey" back from him. But you had other tricks up your sleeve -- like logging in and out to catch his attention or "accidentally" sending him a message meant for your friend.

4. Forward chain mail

When you got that email in your box that promised your crush would kiss you at the next full moon if you sent it to 40 people within the next hour, it felt as though the cosmos had finally heard your plea and sent a way for you to achieve your heart's desire. Of course you forwarded it. Even though it didn't work the first time, you assumed that the magic on that particular email was broken and tried agin the next time one popped up in your inbox.

5. Notes

Influenced by many a multiple choice quiz, you felt that including the possible options when asking your crush what they thought of you would be helpful.

6. Get their attention

For some reason you thought that switching which side you parted your hair on would help you catch the attention of that oh-so-cute boy and maybe spark a conversation about your true love for each other. It didn't. But there were other ways; calling on him during popcorn reading for example or passing him the container of gluesticks.

7. Don't tell a soul

The worst thing in the world would be for your crush to know that he was your crush. It was the biggest secret ever. Only your bestest friends knew; and it would be unthinkable to reveal their friend's crush.

8. Use your wing-girls

As you secretly watched from across the lunchroom, your friend would approach the crush and ask the most pivotal question imaginable: "Do you like her?" Everything hung on his answer.

9. Write their name

Maybe it was a form of voodoo or an attempt to get him out of your head, but repeatedly writing his name seemed like a good life choice. What was even better was pairing your first name with his last name.

10. Never talk to them, ever

It's amazing that you could believe so much in the longevity of a relationship that was based mainly on glances and that one time he passed the worksheets to your row.