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11 indisputable signs you watch too much TV
Instant streaming means we have thousands of TV shows at our fingertipsbut it also means we can get addicted that much more quickly. Are you watching too much TV? - photo by Kelsey Down
Thanks to inventions like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, now we have thousands of great TV shows at our fingertips. But that also means we have the potential to get addicted to all these shows.

If you can relate to the items on this list, you may be watching a little too much TV.

1. You regularly have to click the Continue Playing button on Netflix to confirm that yes, you are indeed still watching that show.

2. You measure time by how many episodes you can fit in before going to work and other commitments.

3. You have begun setting the coffee table for dinner instead of the dining table.

4. You have taught yourself to harmonize with your favorite shows theme song.

5. When you do bother to stand up, you can see a clear indentation on the couch cushion.

6. At night you have dreams about the characters or actors on a show.

7. Youve regulated your bowel movements to coincide with the end of an episode.

8. You consider yourself an expert on all subjects related to the showcriminal justice, the practice of medicine, etc.

9. About 10 episodes before a shows finale, you start worrying about which show to watch next.

10. When new guest stars appear, you recognize them from 5 TV shows ago.

11. Youve learned to gather everything you will possibly need for the next 5 hours and place it strategically around your seat on the couch before starting a binge.

Please, put down the remote, step away from the screen and go read a book.