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11 men reveal what they thought when they saw their future wife walking down the aisle
So cute. - photo by Melinda Fox

Everyone has their concerns when it comes to getting married. One woman expressed her fears on Reddit: "My partner and I are getting married later this year, and I'm so nervous that he'll hate the dress, ceremony, or worse, have second thoughts and may think of running far, far away."

She decided to ask the men of Reddit for some insider knowledge to relieve her fears (or validate them). Here's what they said:

1. He wasn't anxious anymore

"The second I saw her, the nervousness was gone. The anxiety was gone. I was ready and I could not have been happier."

2. Panic

"'Run, man. Get out of here!' I was just freaking out. I calmed myself down and we've now been married for over 12 years. Your emotions aren't always right, people."

3. He only saw her

"When they say everyone else disappears, it's true. I remember every step she took walking toward me. She smiled and walked; calm the whole time. My insides were bouncing around. When I replay it in my mind, I see the dress vaguely. I don't hear the music. I know her parents were there with here but don't see them either. I see her eyes very clearly, wide open, fixed on mine."

4. Keep it together

"Oh, no. Don't cry. If you cry, I'm gonna cry. Keep it together."

5. Weird

"It was a really weird feeling. I felt like all the oxygen rushed out of my brain. She looked absolutely...amazing. I mean, she looks great all the time, but, this time, it was just different. It was our wedding day and we were finally committing for the longest haul."

6. She was crazy excited

"My wife has two modes when she's absolutely freaking ecstatic: one is when she has this big, wide smile that lights up the room. The other is when she gets quiet, almost demure, and has this small little smile...What it actually means is that she's so happy she's about to explode...

"So the wedding day rolls around, the door opens, and here she comes walking down the aisle. My thought process goes something like this: 'I expected the super huge smile. Where is it?!...Wait. I know this one. She...wha? Marrying me is making her as happy as getting to pet sharks? Awesome!'"

7. She's punctual

"Yay she's on time"

8. Don't trip

"Don't trip! Her entrance started by walking down a large, spiral staircase and on the first step she stepped on her train and almost took a dive. Heart stopped for a second but thankfully she caught herself and all was good."

9. There is the woman I will spend the rest of my life with

"There is the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with, who I can trust and be myself with, who I can depend on emotionally, and brag about our love to my friends."

10. Don't throw up

"Don't throw up. Don't pass out. Bend your knees. Don't throw up. "

11. This is real life

"This is really happening, and it's perfect."

Editor's note: These comments were edited for punctuation and capitalization to enhance readability.