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15 things to make you the happiest couple in the world
You thought you already were a happy couple? Well these 15 things will take you to the next level. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
I remember the very first day I got to wake up next to the man I loved and call him my husband.

We were in a beautiful place, in a beautiful room, on a wonderfully comfy bed, and I thought to myself, Can I get any happier?

The good news is yes, because being married to your best friend is filled with so many amazing and happy days.

But because this is real life, it is also filled with not as happy days, and straight up incredibly hard days.

Even through these hard times together as a couple we find ourselves still being incredibly happy and most devoted couples do as well.

But is there a way to be even happier?

The answer is yes, and these 15 things are sure to not only increase the happiness you have as a couple, but to keep it going throughout your entire marriage.

1. Flirting with your husband/wife

Dont underestimate the power of the flirt, especially when it comes to your spouse. I mean, its probably what got you together in the first place!

Just because you are married doesnt mean you have to stop the fine art of flirting, because flirting is an important part of keeping the spark alive.

2. Having inside jokes

Humor can really solve so many problems, and having your go-to laugh-your-pants-off inside jokes will always make you and your spouse super happy.

Make sure to even write them down in a journal or notebook, that way if either of you are having a bad day you can pull it out and laugh together.

3. Constantly complimenting each other

Who doesnt love to be complimented? Especially by the person they care about the most?

Making an effort to compliment your husband or wife on a daily basis will bring so much happiness to both of you, and also will remind you to always be looking for the things you love about your spouse.

4. Caring about each others day

Even if you both think you know exactly what the other is doing throughout the day, you dont actually always know.

When you show that you both care about all the in-and-outs about how each other spent the day, you will feel happy and that what you do with your time really matters. It will also help you to look forward to the time where you get to come home and share things with your spouse.

5. Always trusting one another

Obviously trust is very important in a relationship, and when it is 100 percent there, you are probably each going to be happier.

Make sure to express that you trust your spouse and the decisions they make, even if its something as small as letting them help all the kids with the homework or picking out the new paint color for the house.

Small things really matter when it comes to building happiness!

6. Being willing to compromise

Even happy couples disagree, but the difference between those who stay happy and those who dont is usually because the happy couples are always willing to compromise.

Everyone cant always get their way all the time, and understanding this can lead to lasting happiness.

7. Continuously expressing love

If you love them why not say it?

You will never regret saying you love your spouse too much, but you will always regret saying it too little.

8. Actively dealing with confrontation

When you fight, the worst thing you can do is pretend it didnt even happen in the first place.

Not being afraid of the confrontation that can sometimes happen between you and your spouse can actually make you a lot happier and help you solve issues quickly and effectively.

9. Always wanting to listen

Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of a listening ear.

Letting your husband or wife know that you are always there to listen to them no matter what will make you both incredibly happy and feel incredibly loved.

10. Not holding any grudges ever

Holding grudges is both unproductive and a waste of energy.

If you want to be a happy couple get in the habit of never holding a grudge against your spouse, but just talking about the things that are bothering you with openness and understanding.

11. Make time together a priority

Time is a precious gift that we never seem to have enough of, but time with your spouse should be even more special and precious.

Make that time you have together always a priority, and you are sure to always be happier you did.

12. But also time apart

As important as time together is, happy couples understand that time apart is equally as important.

Now Im not talking about extra-long periods of time that occur often, but just every once in a while when you feel its needed, to take some time to do your own thang.

13. Try new things as a couple

Adventure can be the life blood of continuously being happy.

Try new things together, face your fears together, and experience things youve never seen or heard together.

14. Always find common ground

Remember how close you got to your teammates the four years you played soccer in high school? Or your roommates in college?

Usually one of the big reasons you were so close is because you had common ground, meaning you shared an interest or a hobby that you all loved.

For happy couples this is super important, because this is the way you stay connected as the years pass on.

15. Always help each other grow

I believe happiness is directly tied to growth, and although growth is difficult at times, it also makes you a better and happier person in the end.

Helping each other to always grow and learn will increase the happiness level of your relationship.