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4 personality flaws you actually want in your significant other
Can personality flaws actually be assets to your relationship? Read on to see which ones you may want to look for in your significant other. - photo by Megan Shauri
Most personality flaws are hard to turn into something positive such as being vain, selfish or a liar. But there are some imperfections that are actually good to have. They help shape our overall character and make us into the people we are today.

Here are 4 flaws that you may actually want in your significant other:

1. Fixated

Being fixated can be a good thing.

If you are working towards a goal, to be fixated on it means nothing will stop you from achieving it. This means when an obstacle comes along, you will find a way to work past it.

If your significant other was fixated on having a good marriage, finishing school, being the best parent, or taking a family vacation every year, they will stay focused on that and not let opposition stop them from trying. They will keep fighting for what it is they want.

We never expect bad things to happen, but for someone who is fixated, this will not stop them. They will get back up and keep going despite the setbacks they may encounter along the way.

2. Overambitious

At times being overambitious can blind us to reality, but there is nothing wrong with aiming high.

If your spouse has a dream that may seem a bit overambitious, that is okay. Support them, help them, and encourage them. As long as it is not stopping your family from living a healthy life, then there is nothing wrong with going after your dreams.

Perhaps make dreams together that you can both work towards. Set goals for yourself, your family and each other.

3. Predictable

Being predictable is not a bad thing. It can translate into being reliable, consistent, and steady.

At times we may feel we need someone in our lives that can spice things up or be spontaneous, but to have that all the time can be exhausting.

Knowing that your husband is going to continue to provide for your family, or that your wife is not going to run away with the milk man, is a good thing. It helps you feel secure in your relationship and allows you to trust each other.

4. Soft-hearted

A person who is soft-hearted goes out of their way to help others in need without thought to how it will affect them.

I can think of some situations where this may be bad, such as bringing home every stray puppy that crosses your path, but for the most part, this is an admirable quality to have.

In fact, more people should be soft-hearted. Being selfless and caring towards others is something our world needs more of. Soft-hearted people tend to be more forgiving and accepting of others. They are willing to learn and are humble. I can definitely see more good than bad with this personality flaw.

All of these faults can be taken to the extreme. If your spouse only fixates on your imperfections, it will probably destroy your marriage.

If your significant other is so predictable that they become obsessed with keeping their routine, this can lead to greater mental issues, but to have some aspects of these flaws makes them unique and can actually help your relationship.

Just because something is considered a personality flaw does not make it a negative quality. Try to see how these flaws can turn into something admirable.