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45 things to do instead of looking at your phone
Here's a list of things straight out of 1990 that you can do instead of mindlessly scrolling. - photo by Melinda Fox
Whether you're out and about or lounging in your bed, the temptation is there: pick up your phone.

Most likely the instinct to key in your password isn't because you have something productive to get done, but rather an impulse that is only going to lead to mindless scrolling through your Facebook feed or sending pointless snapchats to fill a few minutes.

It wasn't too long ago that we didn't have this option. If you were waiting for your friend at a restaurant you couldn't use it as an opportunity to cultivate your perfect life on Pinterest; and when you were bored at home you couldn't fill your time with a Netflix session.

So here's a list of all those things you feel like you don't have time for that you can do instead of looking at your phone (again).

1. Go to bed early

2. Schedule your week

3. Go on a walk

4. Practice a talent

5. Mend something broken

6. Make your bed

7. Plan an awesome outfit

8. Cook a meal

9. Write a note

10. Plan a budget

11. Take a treat to a friend

12. Do a puzzle

13. Take a nap

14. Get rid of 10 items of clothing

15. Meditate

16. Floss your teeth

17. Buy a ticket

18. Write down your goals

19. Read

20. Write in your journal

21. Bake cookies

22. Sing a song

23. Learn a new skill

24. Smile at someone

25. Play with a puppy

26. Write a chapter of that novel you always meant to write

27. Stretch

28. Go on a hike

29. Pop over to a friend's house

30. Play a card game

31. Talk to someone (in person)

32. Do someone else's chore

33. Look at the stars or the clouds

34. Play a sport

35. Wash your car

36. Write a good ol' fashioned letter

37. Organize your desk (or bedside table, or kitchen cupboard)

38. Make a list of places you want to go

39. Plan a party

40. Sweep and vacuum the floors

41. Make a cootie catcher

42. Walk somewhere you were going to drive to

43. Wink at someone

44. Wash the dishes

45. Imagine you live in the 1900s