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5 TV shows to watch during May sweeps
Here are some of the best of the attention-grabbing plot points for May sweeps, which continues through May 23. - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND Cliffhangers, marriages, babies, murders and guest stars are all hallmarks of a show trying its best to compete during sweeps the ratings competition between network TV shows that happens four times a year.

Often, shows will save their most interesting moments for this time of year. Here are some of the best of the attention-grabbing plot points for May sweeps, which continues through May 23.

Coming back for more

"Jane the Virgin"

With a cliffhanger ending to season 4 that put not one, but two giant mysteries at play last month, the show is clearly coming back. The show even paid homage to a sweeps game changer, "Dallas," by starting the hashtag "Who did JR shoot." With the return of a beloved character and a murder mystery to solve, this telenovela has some explaining to do next season.


Season six of the popular vigilante show promised to end in a twist that the show cant come back from, according to star Stephen Amell. The whole gang will be in danger, and they will need to call upon some old friends (including guest star Caity Lotz) to defeat their current nemesis, Diaz.

Hoping for another season

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

A wedding between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago will be perfectly adorable for the pair and for fans alike. Although the show is on the renewal bubble, it has saved its perfectly built romantic climax for sweeps season.

Hilarity is assured, as is the signature "B99" sweetness all of its viewers have come to expect. And, guest star Gina Rodriguez brings some additional romance into the mix.

Farewell forever

"The Middle"

Since its start in 2009, this family sitcom has made audiences everywhere stop and say this is exactly like my family!

It was a fresh perspective, a show about midwest America and the struggles they faced with money, with school and with each other. Just like its nine-season run, when it quietly took a backseat to other family comedies, the show has committed to staying true to tone for the finale, keeping it all in the family.

"Once Upon A Time"

The seven-season series comes to a magical close in a two-part finale episode that brings back much of the cast who left before the current season began.

Wrapping up what has been happening in the current timeline of the show while also paying homage to its origins and the characters that made it great all sound like a pretty ambitious endeavor for this fairy-tale show. But happily ever afters are their bread and butter, after all.