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6 compliments your wife is waiting to hear
Try using these six guidelines to give more specific compliments to make your wife's day. - photo by Megan Shauri
A compliment is one of the sweetest things a husband can give to his wife. It is easy to have a thought quickly pass through your mind about her; but to actually tell her takes a conscious effort. More than anyone else, wives need to feel loved and desired by their husbands.

Here are six compliments your wife is waiting to hear from you.

1. "Your ___ looks amazing."

Be specific. It can be easy to tell her she looks nice, but to actually pick out specific aspects of how she looks goes that much further. "Your eyes look amazing in that color; your shirt looks so nice on you; your hair looks beautiful today." These mean more to a woman than just an overall approval. Sure, she wants to look like the complete package, but by honing in on one or two things, she knows you really are paying attention and not just giving an automatic response.

2. "You are the best mom."

To compliment her parenting skills is one of the nicest compliments she can get, especially coming from her husband. I want my husband to appreciate the effort I take with my kids. I want him to notice how nice they look, how well they recite their ABCs, and that I work hard to give them healthy, well-balanced meals. I do these things for my kids, but having my husband realize that my days don't consist of sitting in front of the TV while my kids run wild is satisfying.

3. "You are so sweet."

When she does something nice for you, your kids or your neighbor, it is not to get recognition; but that does not mean she does not appreciate it when someone notices. Having her husband love her for the little things she does makes her want to continue doing them. The fact that you actually appreciate the love notes she puts in your lunch every day, or that you admire her kindness toward others is encouraging.

4. "You look like youve lost weight."

The battle of trying to lose weight is a struggle, especially when she is also a full-time mom and wife, and has responsibilities outside of the home as well. One simple compliment may be all the motivation she needs to continue on the journey of a healthy lifestyle.

5. "I really love the meal you made."

It may be clich, but every woman likes to know that her husband actually likes the food she is making. Cooking is not everyones favorite hobby; in fact, for some it can be a chore. Knowing that the food she makes is enjoyable and delicious makes her effort just a bit easier.

6. "Good job."

All women have roles in addition to being wives and mothers. It could be a full-time job, or something she does from home. It could be a paying gig, or something she does for fun. Whatever her talent or skill is, it is nice to know her husband values what she does. Thank her for the work she does and compliment something about it. It will mean the world to her to know her husband is genuinely proud of the work she does.

All of these compliments are easy to give; but it is the fact that you noticed something that is meaningful. Sometimes we go through life on autopilot and tend to take some things for granted. Taking a moment out of your day to show your appreciation can make a world of difference to the one you are complimenting.