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6 parenting errors I'm sure you won't commit with your kids
Would you change something about the way your parents raised you? Here are 6 errors your parents may have committed that I'm sure you won't repeat. - photo by Erika Otero Romero
Bringing up children today is not at all similar to 10 years ago, and it probably doesn't look much like the way you were raised. This isn't bad or good, just different. But not only does the way kids are raised change with time, but it also changes with the idiosyncrasies of each family and the culture of the country where you live.

The story of my family

I remember my grandmother telling me that when she was studying at school, corporal punishment was used to reprimand students when they disobeyed, forgot their homework, or for any other mistake. Of course, things were not very different at home. My grandmother had to help care for younger siblings and do household chores, so she didn't even think about going out with friends and playing in the streets.

My mother's childhood was very different. She had 6 brothers, and as kids they were playmates with each other as well as other children on the block. But if she committed a fault, or quarreled with her brothers, she received physical reprimands. Still, she was expected to help with chores at home and had no excuse to behave badly at school.

As for me, I could enjoy long vacations and playing with the little neighbors on the block, unimaginable things for my grandparents or my mother. Corporal punishment in schools was abolished. Like my mother and even my father, I also received physical punishment for my sins. My mother taught me the housework, and I was expected to help with it.

I'm sure you also remember your childhood and that there are aspects of your upbringing that you have changed with your own children. Here are some of these educational "techniques" that you surely won't use when raising your own children.

Yelling and insulting your children

I recently visited a home where a furious mother was shouting at her son. The things she told him offended me even though I was just a spectator. I do not even want to imagine how the poor child felt.

Sending them to bed without eating

I don't think it's right that while some families don't have the means to feed their children at all, others choose to not give their children anything to eat. If you have the opportunity to feed your children, you should take it. Withholding food from a child increases their difficulties instead of teaching them.

Sending them to bed when you're angry with them

As I've said in previous articles, we can't take life for granted, and it's important to make peace with your kids when you can. Love should not be denied to a child ever.

Ignoring them or showing indifference

This is terrible and if you were punished this way, remember how it felt to be the "invisible child."

Physical punishment

Yes, sometimes parents feel that children deserve a few pats on the behind, but know that this may create low self-esteem and generate resentment towards you.

Compare your children

Of all the terrible things parents do, for me, this is the worst. It generates insecurity, inferiority and even desire to "get even" with the brother with whom the child is compared.

Parenting is not an easy task; however, you can improve on your own experience growing up to be the kind example of love your child needs- raising them, and educating them with love.