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6 ways you are absolutely sabotaging your love life
Many people don't realize they're doing these 6 things that are destroying their love lives. - photo by Melinda Fox
It's easy to see other people's mistakes in relationships (especially your partner's or your potential partner's). However, when we focus on other people's problems, we neglect to see our own. Here are some things you may be doing that are destroying the love in your life.

You put your kids first

It doesn't necessarily have to be your kids, but allowing anything to come before your partner creates issues in your relationship. Don't allow family members, jobs or hobbies to knock your partner from the number one spot on your priority list. When everything else in your life is gone, they are the person who you'll still have. Value them in that way.

You expect them to be just like you

While dating yourself could be a fascinating experience, it's not something you should want long-term. One of the biggest benefits of being in a relationship is to reap the rewards of having the attributes and talents of another person in your life. Expecting your partner to be just like you is choosing to set yourself up for disappointment.

So when you get frustrated because he doesn't love the History Channel the way you do or when she leaves her stuff all over the bathroom the way you never would, remember your partner is not you and you are grateful for that.

You don't think you're worthy

Relationships would be so much easier if we were perfect before we got involved in them. However, one of the great things about relationships is they are tools to help us become better people. Don't put off being in a relationship until you're "ready." It's unrealistic to be 100% ready for any relationship.

Also, sometimes we dismiss love we don't believe we deserve. Allow yourself to feel your partner's love. You need it; your partner needs it. If you brush off your husband's compliment, not only do you lose the benefits of it but also he'll feel frustrated you won't accept his love. Welcome your partner's love because you really do deserve it.

You don't embrace change

I'm not going to say change is always desirable, but I will say it's always inevitable. It can be challenging when changes come into your life or your relationship, but one of the great things that doesn't change is you still have that person with you. Focus on that. Even when your partner's likes, beliefs or lifestyle changes, remember that this is one of the great things about life: you are not stagnant beings but instead full of potential and progression. Together you can tame undesirable changes and create wonderful changes yourselves.

You always nag your partner

Many spouses have this very issue. You focus on all the negatives, and then you spill them out. Repeatedly telling your partner everything that annoys you about them isn't going to fix the issues; it's going to multiply them.

While you should be free to constructively communicate with your partner, you should refrain from nagging and choose to focus on your partner's positive attributes instead.

You focus on "the one"

If you're not in a relationship yet, you may be sabotaging yourself by searching for "the one." Always keeping your options open instead of trying to make someone "the one" can prevent you from ever committing to a relationship.

If you are in a relationship, you may have the same problem. Don't let your eyes wander. Renowned humanitarian and public speaker Thomas Monson said, "Choose your love; love your choice." Remember you got to pick who "the one" is for you; and once you picked them, they become "the one." When you're in a relationship, stick with it.