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6 ways you're making your life harder than it has to be
These seven ways you're sabotaging your life are totally avoidable. - photo by Melinda Fox
Life has challenges; that's for sure. But sometimes we do things that actually make it more challenging. Here are seven things you are probably doing now that are making your life harder than it needs to be.

You look forward to when things get better

While there's so much goodness to be found in having hope for the future, relying on the future to bring happiness is toxic to your life. If you regularly postpone happiness for when you get off work or get married or don't have to deal with some terrible struggle in your life, you are putting off the happiness that you could be experiencing right now. By waiting to be happy, you are ruining your life.

You buy things on sale

Getting a great discount certainly can make your life better, but when you buy something because it's on sale, you're just sabotaging yourself. The reason stores create sales is to urge you to buy something that you wouldn't buy otherwise. This means you are spending your money on something you don't need. Money can be a huge source of stress in people's life; don't fall into the trap of spending it unnecessarily.

You stay up late

Treating every night like New Year's Eve isn't the best way to celebrate life. It can actually wreck it. Studies have shown that going to bed early causes you to worry less, be more productive, maintain a healthy weight, get sick less and have an overall more positive life. With this simple lifestyle change, you can do so much to reduce your life's challenges.

You're impatient

Getting annoyed that the car you're stuck behind isn't moving fast enough doesn't get you anywhere faster; and internally freaking out while your daughter takes 10 minutes to tie one shoe doesn't make the task any quicker. Being impatient with people doesn't do anything to change the situation. It just adds stress and negativity to your life. Choose to not dwell on feelings on impatience.

You care what others think

Does what other people think about your messy house, your shoes or your life choices actually affect your quality of life? Not at all. But you dwelling on what they think (and imagining that they're thinking the worst) definitely can. Give yourself permission to not care about what's going on in other people's heads. It will liberate you and allow you to focus on the more important factor: what's going on in your own head.

You foresee failure

If you keep asking yourself, "What if I can't do it?" you're neglecting the question, "What if I can do it?" Expecting the worst possible outcome of a situation isn't preparing you for the worst as much as it is causing unneeded stress. Focus on the best possible outcome instead.