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7 reasons your brother is the greatest gift your parents ever gave you
Have you ever wondered why your parents ever wanted to give you a brother? Here are 7 reasons why brothers are the best gift they ever gave you. - photo by Megan Shauri
When your parents gave you a brother, you may have not thought of it as a blessing. Maybe you were worried about how your relationship with them may change, or how now you will have to share and give up some of your things for him, but in reality, a brother is a great blessing, and one of the greatest gifts your parents will ever give you. Heres why.

He is a built in best friend

When you have a brother, you have a friend. It doesnt matter if you are his brother or sister, your brother is your friend. Not only can you play together, but you can also be there for each other. You will never be alone. There will always be a friend to go to activities with, watch movies with, and get into trouble with. If you fight, you are bound to make up since you are related. He will be your lifelong friend.

He is someone you can confide in

Going to your parents is great, but sometimes you dont want to tell them everything. Having a brother there to talk to, get advice from, and share your escapades with is one of the greatest advantages of having one. Besides, who better to complain about your parents to? Your friends just dont get it, and you may get offended if they speak bad about them. Your brother can relate, and no one knows what you mean quite like someone who has the same parents as you do!

He teaches you how to share

One great thing about growing up with a brother is they teach you to share. Most likely you grew up having to share your toys, bikes, food, even time with your parents. It is a great lesson to learn. When you are older, you can use these skills to be kind and share your things with others outside your family.

He teaches you how to treat others

You brother is who you get to learn from. You learn to be nice, patient, kind and loving to him. When you treat him badly, he lets you and possibly treats you badly in return. You soon learn how to act in a way that both of you are happy and these skills can transfer to friendships you develop outside your family. It is better to test these skills out on your brother who will always be there for you, then a friend who may walk away after the first time you mistreat them.

He protects you

A brother is like a built-in body guard. He is there to protect you from bullies, from dangerous friendships, and even risky relationships. He can protect you from the dangers of the world. He is a great resource, even if you dont like him getting into your business and over-stepping his bounds. He has your best interest at heart, and even though you may not realize it now, you will thank him later.

He sets you straight

A brother is the perfect person to give you a good kick in the pants when you need it. He can call out your bad behavior without embarrassing you or making you feel like he is treating you like a little child. He can set you straight and keep you in line. Sometimes you need someone, who is not your parents, to look out for you in that way. Someone more your age and on your level. Even though your parents are probably right, it just comes off better coming from him.

He is your family

Bottom line, your brother is your family. He may annoy you, he may belittle you at times, you may fight with him non-stop, but he is your family. He loves you, and he will be there for you even when you dont want him to be. The very best part about having a brother, is knowing you have someone on your side, someone who will never leave you despite anything that happens.

A brother can be a true friend, confidant, protector and partner in crime. You should be thanking your parents for giving you such an amazing gift!