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7 secrets of naturally thin people
Here's what people who are skinny without dieting know that you don't. - photo by Melinda Fox
You know those people who never diet or spend time obsessing over exercise but still manage to keep their weight in check? Maybe it's just good genes, but maybe it's also that they have these 7 habits that keep everything in control. They have a healthy mindset and a healthy body.

They focus on their food

People who are naturally thin don't eat breakfast while scrolling through Facebook or sit down to dinner while streaming Netflix. Eating is the main event. This means they get enjoyment out of every bite and are aware of how their body responds to the food. Don't let yourself be distracted when you eat because eating in and of itself is an experience.

They leave food on their plates

If the chicken got overcooked on one side, they don't eat that part. If the cookie has a weird flavor, they don't finish it. Somehow, naturally thin people have overcome the mindset that if they don't finish the food on their plate, they will be causing a child in Africa to starve. If you don't want cake at the party, don't eat it. If you ate half of your mashed potatoes and feel satisfied, don't finish them.

They modify their order

If they're at a restaurant and the food isn't what they want, they modify their order so it is what they want. Naturally thin people eat exactly what they want. What's more, no foods are off limits. If you tell yourself you can't eat a piece of carrot cake, it can stick in your mind, causing you to eat tons of other stuff to fill that craving. But if you just eat it, the craving's gone. Eat exactly what you want.

They don't eat their feelings

You know how when something fantastic happens you want to celebrate with an ice cream sundae that pulls out all the stops? Or when something not-so-great happens and you want to wallow with a pint of Ben and Jerry's? Well, people who stay thin don't turn their feelings into pounds. They use other ways to celebrate or to cope. For example, to celebrate your big promotion, splurge on those shoes you've had your eyes on. If you just messed up a big project, call a friend and talk about TV shows you watched when you were little. Find other solutions because the food doesn't actually solve it.

They sleep the right amount

Studies show that sleeping more than 9 hours or less than 5 is correlated to weight gain. In fact, you can gain as much as 11 pounds from sleeping too little or too much. Sleep affects your hunger hormones making you feel hungrier than you actually are and crave more high-calorie foods.

They don't believe in all-or-nothings

You ate one cookie, so you might as well eat them all, right? Wrong. Naturally thin people don't believe that indulging in French fries means the rest of their week has gone to pot. They move on. They also don't limit what they are allowed to eat. But just because they tell themselves they can eat cupcakes every day, it doesn't mean they do. They listen to what they actually want and make eating choices accordingly.

They move more

Most people overestimate how much they actually move. But naturally thin people choose stairs over elevators, get up and walk around more often and choose active activities over sedentary ones.

Incorporate these habits into your life, and you won't have to feel like food is a battle anymore.