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7 simple ways to make your pimples vanish overnight
Don't spend another minute trying to cake on that cover-up. - photo by Lindsey Miller
One of the worst feelings in the world is waking up the morning before a big event, work presentation, party or lunch out with friends, and seeing a giant pimple in the middle of your face. It always seems to happen right before particularly stressful events, maybe because stress and anticipation messes with your hormones making the pimple show up in the first place.

Its super annoying when this happens, but there are ways to make them go away without taking a trip to the dermatologist. Here are seven ways to make your pimples vanish overnight:

1. Put some ice on it

If your pimple is red and inflamed, wrap an ice cube in a piece of cloth and hold it to the pimple. This will help the redness and swelling go down, and itll also soothe any pain.

2. Use this spot treatment

My life is pretty stressful right now, so it feels like I use this spot treatment on different parts of my face at least twice a week and its awesome. Just put a little on right before you go to bed, and your pimple will be practically gone in the morning.

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3. Dont touch it

If your pimple isnt a whitehead, dont touch it. It can be super hard to just leave it alone, but if you dont try to pop it before its ready, it goes away on its own.

4. Use vitamin E

My cousin swears by vitamin E oil for getting rid of zits quickly. Just break open a vitamin E capsule or buy it in a liquid form, and rub it on your pimple before bed. In the morning, itll be gone.

5. Get some apple cider vinegar

Mix up a little apple cider vinegar with a little water for a super effective acne treatment. Put your mixture on a cotton ball, band-aid it to your face and take it off in the morning. The vinegar will dry out the pimple and shrink it so its nonexistent.

6. If youre desperate, use some toothpaste

Toothpaste is also a good way to dry out your pimple. In a pinch, just dab a little toothpaste on the affected area and wash it off in the morning.

7. Get some extraction tools

If you have a blackhead or whitehead, try not to pop it with your bare (and bacteria covered) hands. Popping any blemishes with some extraction tools will make it easy to get rid of the zit without risking making it worse.

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Pimples are super annoying, but taking care of them ASAP will make your life so much easier.