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7 TV shows to watch when you really miss school
For when those summer days feel too hot, too long, and too unproductive. - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND Its the beginning of July, which means we're just getting into the first true month of summer. Although there is still plenty of sunshine to soak up, theres no reason to ignore the fact that school is around the corner.

And thank goodness. Structure, books, productivity. Oh yeah: and socializing. Sweet, sweet socializing. If weve learned anything from TV, its that the important things in life happen in the halls between classes. Below is a list of the best shows to watch if youre missing school.

'Freaks and Geeks'

High school can divide you, make you seek like-minded friends, or put pressure on you to conform. If youre Lindsey Weir, it can do all three. Watching her struggle between good girl and rebellious freak is the best, due in no small part to her little brother Sam and his adorable geeky friends.

Where to watch: Netflix

'Gilmore Girls'

Rory Gilmore absolutely loves school. She loves books, she loves learning, she loves being able to take that knowledge and swirl it around and make it come out of her as witty banter. Her Chilton days are about way more than plaid skirts especially her rivalry with Paris Gellar.

Where to watch: Netflix

'As The Bell Rings'

Starring Demi Lovato back in the day, this clever premise shows how valuable those 5 minute passing periods can be. Romance! Intrigue! Comedy! Its all here.

Where to watch: YouTube

'Saved by the Bell'

A throwback that never gets old, the show deals with your typical after-school special problems. But its clad in neon and it has a perm.

Where to watch: Hulu+

'Boy Meets World'

Never was a show about school so fully about learning. Mr. Feeny, their teacher till the end, teaches the gang lots of life lessons as they navigate from pre-teen-dom to adulthood. The most memorable episode of the series has them facing a friendship breakup, which is mediated by Feeny in a college classroom.

Where to watch: Not currently streaming anywhere, which is a real travesty.


Before there was "Glee," there was "Popular." Ryan Murphys show about high school during Y2K and the frosted eyeshadow phase is surprisingly poignant. It deals with issues like obesity, racism and of course popularity in the halls and a particularly posh bathroom of Kennedy High.

Where to watch: YouTube

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

To remind you that sometimes school is a real Hellmouth.

Where to watch: Netflix