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9 sure ways to never get hurt
Feelings of heartbreak, loss, and failure are the WORST. Good news: here are 9 absolute ways you can totally avoid the pain. - photo by Alyssa White
If you never want to feel hurt or heartbroken ever again, simply do these suggestions:

1. Never be vulnerable

Do not tell someone how you really feel about them they might not feel the same way. Never say "I love you" first or make a move. Dont let people see your weaknesses and never slip a tear.

2. Dont share your opinion

When asked how you feel about something, do not answer how you really feel. If there is a controversial topic, stay away. Avoid any blogging, commenting, or chatting about politics.

3. Avoid getting too close to anyone

If you feel those little flutters in your heart run away! Dont spend too much time with any one person and never let them see who you really are.

4. Never try-out or run for anything

High school soccer team, city council representative, club president nope, dont even try. You probably shouldnt apply for any jobs either.

5. Build walls around your heart

Constantly tell yourself that youre okay on your own, that you dont need anyone else, and that youre independent and proud of it.

6. Dont hope for anything from anyone

Remind yourself that people will only disappoint you, so dont place hope in them. Never hope that someone will remember what you want for your birthday, or that theyll invite you to their party or notice your new shirt. And dont expect that one guy to call you back, he probably wont.

7. Never confide in someone else

Keep all of your thoughts, feelings, and hopes buried deep inside. Never let them slip out. Keep adding more and more layers to the ever-growing wall protecting your inner-most secrets.

8. Stay in your house

Only leave when you absolutely have to. Sit on the couch and watch Netflix and experience life through your favorite characters.

9. Dont dream

Prince Charming. Malibu Barbie. Happily ever after. Success. Fame. Prosperity. Nope, dont even think about it.

But wait, I should probably mention that although you will never get hurt if you do these things, there are also a few minor side-effects:

  1. You will never fall in love
  2. You will never connect with someone
  3. You wont have best friends
  4. You will never be on the team or in the position that you want
  5. You will be alone
  6. You wont be happy
  7. All of your thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and fears will stay trapped inside of you
  8. Youll never accomplish your inner-most desires
  9. Youll never live
Like I said minor side-effects.

So, is it worth it? Are these side effects worth the pain, loss, and heartache?

You can decide for yourself.

For me, it is. Its worth it.


You grow when you hurt, and you more fully appreciate the good. Without the potential for pain, the triumph wouldnt be so great. As they say, No pain, no gain.

I really hate feeling heartache. I do not enjoy being disappointed or frustrated. But I wouldnt trade the pain for the tender moments of pure surrender, connection, and happiness. Like that moment when someone says I love you back. And you know that they mean it because you look into their eyes and connect with their soul.

Or the moment youve just shared everything with your best friend, and they hug you and cry with you. Or the moment after the phone call, telling you that you got the job. You stand there in pure relief and victory, holding back the tears.

The price we pay for these moments is the potential for pain.

With vulnerability, honesty, and risk theres a good chance that Ill get hurt, probably really hurt, but I believe that the side effects are worth it. Falling in love. Fulfilling my dreams. Becoming who I want to be. Ill take the chances.

Will you?