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After being called "disgusting," woman "drops 200 pounds" OVERNIGHT and posts one amazing picture
This is a transformation you need to see. - photo by Lindsey Miller
There are tons of diet plans being promoted online lately, and many promise incredible results in a short amount of time. While these diets work for some, others have to take different approaches to shedding their extra weight.

This is exactly what one woman did after being called disgusting, according to Hello Giggles. She posted this incredible photo to Twitter of her before and after transformation, and its nothing short of amazing.

The post shows a photo of herself and a man for the "before," and then the same photo with him cropped out for the "after."

The photo said, "After getting called disgusting last night, I successfully dropped 200lbs!!"

A 200-pound weight was lifted from her shoulders that night.

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