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Book review: 'Fatal Exchange' is a mystery set in Paris
"Fatal Exchange: A Christy Spy Novel" is the third novel in the Christy Spy Novels series by Cindy M. Hogan. - photo by Mike Whitmer
"FATAL EXCHANGE: A Christy Spy Novel," by Cindy M. Hogan, O'neal Publishing, $14.99, 209 pages (f) (ages 16 and up)

Spy Christy Hadden has a new assignment in France that may end up costing her life in Cindy M. Hogans new young adult novel, Fatal Exchange.

Transferred to a new team and moved from the U.S. to the European Division, 19-year-old Christy must use all her skills and abilities with language, disguises and stealth to overcome a horrible error. While attempting to make an information exchange with an inside source, Christy lost contact with the source, resulting in his death. Now, she has to find the flash drive the contact was prepared to share before the murderers catch up with her.

Set in Paris, Fatal Exchange highlights all the talents Christy has developed in her efforts to become an international spy. Calling on her new team members, Halluis, Ace and Rosabella, Christy must go undercover to track the group of pickpockets that stole the drive from her. And she has to find the drive before the secret company that wants the data on the drive can get it back. But when she is suspended for ineptitude by Siron, the head of the division, all her work has to be accomplished "off the books.

To succeed, Christy needs to outsmart the pickpocket gang's leader, Kamal, a ruthless but idealistic young immigrant with a disturbing secret. But the hardest part of the experience might be dealing with Summer, another agent who has been assigned as Christys shadow. If the two of them cant work out their differences, it may be curtains for the whole assignment.

Christy's adventures are full of excitement and danger that should keep readers turning the pages in anticipation.

Fatal Exchange is free from sexual content or foul language but has some mild violence. While it is the third book in Hogans Spy Novel series, Fatal Exchange is a standalone story.