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Book review: Spy thriller meets teen romance in Robin M. King's 'Memory of Monet'
Robin M. King is the author of "Memory of Monet." - photo by Kent Larson
"MEMORY OF MONET," by Robin M. King, Walnut Springs Press, $16.99, 280 pages (f)

Robin M. Kings Memory of Monet, the third book in her young adult Rembrandt series, is a spy thriller meets teen romance novel that is a lot of very clean fun. Having a good deal to do with art, Memory of Monet is definitely another masterpiece in the collection.

Alexandra Stewart is a young lady with an eidetic or photographic memory. She literally cant forget anything she sees, hears or reads. Her mother was killed about a year before the story in a car accident. She had led a secret life, and the crash was no accident a terrorist group had targeted her. This catalyst propelled Alex into a world of spies, missions and puzzles.

Alex believed her brother was also killed but in Memory of Monet, she learns hes been in a coma while shes been busy doing jobs for an organization known as The Company. Yuri Golkov is a spymaster who had left the CIA and founded this group. Alex is on the cusp of committing to The Company when she is approached by the CIA. It isnt art that is missing this time but a young woman.

She goes undercover as an art student in a Mexico City academy to try and find the missing girl. Alex soon learns other girls have gone missing, and she isnt sure who to trust. While setting a trap for the perpetrators, she is kidnapped as well. On top of it all, she has to decide with whom her heart lies with William or Daly.

Memory of Monet educates as well as it entertains. By using references to works of art, artists and quotes from famous people, King makes sure to teach as well as tantalize her readers. Alexandra is an excellent female protagonist with real life problems, insecurities and emotional trials.

There is no adult language, and the scenes of violence are not graphic in any way. The romance includes hand holding and less than a dozen kisses.