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Book review: 'The Line That Divides' is a historical thriller, love story set in WWII
"The Line That Divides: A World War II Novel" is by Melanie Mason. - photo by Micah Klug
"THE LINE THAT DIVIDES: A World War II Novel," by Melanie Mason, Walnut Springs Press, $17.99, 229 pages (f)

The Line That Divides is the thrilling story of a young woman named Marianne Leichtner living in war-torn Austria during World War II.

Studying languages and being raised for a career as a linguist, Marianne is forced to return from Dusseldorf, Germany, to her family's home in the Austrian countryside after her school is bombed by British forces. What promised to be a time to reflect, study and recover is soon shattered when an American B-17 bomber crashes in the hills near her familys home.

After finding two American soldiers hiding in the barn, Marianne and her mother risk their lives as they nurse them back to health. Then the Nazis arrive in the village and put their temporary headquarters in the Leichtner home.

Author Melanie Mason weaves a tale of suspense as the heroine attempts to keep the Americans hidden from prying eyes. The closer she grows to the American soldiers, and to one in particular, the closer the Nazis come to discovering them.

At a moments notice, Marianne and her mother help the Americans escape. After a period of several months without hearing from them, Marianne learns two American soldiers were killed trying to cross the Italian border. Assuming the worst has happened, she joins the Austrian resistance, again risking her life for the cause of freedom.

The book's language is clean with the exception of a single swear word. The romance doesn't go beyond flirting and kissing. As it is a novel about war, there is violence that is either alluded to or generally described.