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Have you heard of Interstate 11? It may impact your trips to Vegas and Phoenix
Fox-10 out of Phoenix reported Wednesday that the proposed Interstate will connect Mexico to Canada through many southwestern states. - photo by Herb Scribner
A new highway proposal looks to link Canada and Mexico.

Fox-10 out of Phoenix reported Wednesday that the proposed interstate will connect the two countries through the states of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Plans are preliminary right now, according to FOX-10, but parts of the highways construction are already underway.

Environmental studies will measure the impact of such a highway for two more years, FOX-10 reported.

The entire highway, which you can view here, would bring drivers from Phoenix all the way to Las Vegas, and would link up with I-15.

Officials revealed maps of the highway in 2016, showing it pass through the Southwest, reported.

The highway began as the Canamex Corridor in 1995, serving as a joint effort involving Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Montana.

Interested parties hope the first phase of construction ends in early 2018, according to The Las Vegas Sun.

Nevada's first phase of the project calls for building a four-lane highway, which would run through Boulder City, Nevada, alleviating frequent bottlenecks and quickening the drive between Las Vegas and Phoenix, The Las Vegas Sun reported.

The second phase, slated to finish in June 2018, would build a 12.5-mile portion of Interstate 11 from U.S. 95 to U.S. 93 near the Hoover Dam, according to The Las Vegas Sun.

The city of Buckeye, Arizona, which is west of Phoenix, will see the highway pass through it, too, when it reaches completion.

The city is already preparing for the highways business.

"As the commercial starts coming in, that's going to increase even more development throughout the area," realtor Deanne Fry told FOX-10.

Fry said it might be a good idea for builders, homeowners and business leaders to find space along the highway, as it will bring plenty of cash.

"If you are looking to purchase some land for future investment, absolutely look where Interstate 11 is going," Fry told FOX-10.