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Have You Seen This? 2-year-old fist-bumps fellow passengers while boarding plane
Air travel can be stressful, but it can also be super adorable. - photo by Angie Treasure

THE WILD BLUE YONDER Air travel is miraculous, but it can also be super stressful.

There's planning, purchasing a ticket, packing (yes, I DO need eight outfits for a three-day trip, thanks), getting through security, boarding, take off, turbulence, landing, deplaning, lost luggage you get the picture.

Lots of frequent fliers dread being seated near an unhappy baby or toddler, but one little 2-year-old put his fellow passengers' minds at ease when he boarded and fist-bumped all the strangers about to embark upon the same journey aboard a Southwest jet.

The video of Guy Jakubowicz boarding a plane from Kansas City, Missouri, to Chicago was taken by his mother and posted on Instagram.

Its his signature move. Hes a little politician, his mom Alya told ABC News. Hes very funny, not shy at all. He doesnt leave anyone out.

When you watch the video, you can see the passengers begin to catch on, understanding what the baseball cap wearing tot is looking for. He stops by each row, tiny fist extended in a gesture of good will, a well-loved blankie clutched in the other chubby hand.

He does it every time he boards a flight, his mom said. He learned how to fist-bump when he was like 18 months."

Southwest shared the video on its Facebook page where it went viral. And hopefully, it will encourage others to be a little more friendly on a day that can be otherwise busy and overwhelming.