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Have You Seen This? Adventures of Super Mario cat
Its the most adorable effort of a princess rescue youve ever seen. - photo by Martha Ostergar
OVERWORLD Super Mario Bros. is one of those pop culture phenomenons that the majority of people a certain age will always love revisiting.

We grew up playing the game, watching Nintendo cereal commercials, and being scarred by the live-action, Super Mario Bros. movie. So a little bit of niggling nostalgia will always make us click on the latest video or art parody of our favorite video game brothers.

I clicked on one such video homage this very day. Sure, I initially clicked because it stars a cat wearing a Mario costume, but I stayed because the video is charming and well done with a funny surprise. Its the most adorable effort of a princess rescue youll probably ever see.

Even if the Mario visuals dont suck you in, those iconic Mario sound effects just might do the trick. Each ring of a coin, crunch of a brick, and warp of a pipe will hit you right in your childhood. It also doesnt hurt that the cat starring in this video has a built-in, furry mustache, just like a-Mario.

Since I love cats, I know that they mostly do what they want, even though they certainly are trainable and good creatures. So I cant imagine the amount of footage they had to shoot then edit to make the cat fit into the jumping and brick-hitting action in every Mario game.

But Im sure Michael Tivikoff, AKA YouTube user Mr.TVCow, knew exactly what he was getting into. His channel is full of pop culture-based videos starring cats and bunnies, which you can check out here.