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Have You Seen This? Baby elephant chasing birds is delightful
An elephant calf gets a little too (adorably) rambunctious while chasing birds at a Swedish zoo. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PLAYGROUND Baby elephants are one of natures best gifts to us.

They are adorable when they panic, adorable when they charge and adorable in their mere existence. This 2-month-old elephant calf named Chindi is no exception. Indeed, this sweet bundle of grey-skinned joy might be the most precious baby elephant of all time.

Chindi lives at Swedens Boras Djurpark zoo in an open enclosure that includes more animals than just elephants. Like a puppy or a toddling child, this curious calf is having a grand old time chasing a small flock of guinea fowl in this video.

Just the rambunctious chasing is enough to make nine whole biker gangs emit squeals of delight, but Chindi takes it even beyond that when she gets a little too energetic for her own good. Soon enough, the sweet calf takes a crushingly cute tumble, which scares her rather than hurt her.

Like almost any baby in the mammal category, Chindi rushes off the protective presence of mama for a little comfort.

If you find my prose a little over the top and schmaltzy, its because I personally cannot handle how precious the 24-second video is, and Ive watched it at least a dozen times so far.

The video was taken by zookeeper Jonas Sjstrm on June 20.