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Have You Seen This? Dad catches sons reaction to first monster truck rally
While most candid childhood moments get lost among the many events of our young lives, one dad made sure to have his camera at the ready as his son experienced his first-ever monster truck rally. - photo by Angie Treasure
MERICA The beauty of modern technology is we get to capture all the small moments in our lives that otherwise may have gone undocumented.

Growing up in the 90s, my parents got plenty of school performances and birthday festivities on camera, but nothing compared to the touch-of-a-button capabilities modern-day parents have today. They can video everything: babys first taste of citrus, toddlers pestering the family pet and all manner of interstitial instances of childhood nonsense.

While most of those moments are lost in the ethos of our young lives, one dad was sure to have his camera at the ready as his son experienced his first ever monster truck rally.

Attired appropriately in a coordinating shirt, dad has the camera focused on his son ears protected from the roaring engines with noise-dampening headphones and waits for the joy to hit his face.

And boy does it ever!

Which childhood moment do you wish your parents had on camera?