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Have You Seen This? Delightful compilation of 100 evil laughs
Some of the laughs are more evil than others, but you can find a few good examples if youre looking to perfect your own evil laugh. - photo by Martha Ostergar
BADDIETOWN Mine is an evil laugh, the character Wash says in the beloved TV series Firefly.

I relate to that perfect line, which is probably why I was drawn to a video of 100 different people performing 100 evil laughs.

Personally, I have a particular evil laugh that is less Wicked Witch of the West and more sly trickster. My heh, heh, heh has a certain intonation that lets the listener understand Im low-key plotting something evil or enjoying Schadenfreude. Basically its a perfect warning system for you to keep one eye open and grip your pillow tight when you exit light and enter night. (Reminder: James Hetfield has a great evil laugh in Metallicas Enter Sandman.)

The laughs in this video from YouTube channel WatchCut Video run the whole gamut. Some put their whole hearts and guts behind the laugh with truly chilling results; some put their hearts and guts into the laugh and sound like a perfect baddie on a Disney ride or in a Disney movie; and some just dont have the chutzpah to come up with much of anything even remotely evil sounding.

However, the whole video is delightful, even if it does have evil in the title. As a bonus, if youre looking to add an evil laugh to your repertoire, or maybe hone the laugh youve already got in stock, you can get more out of this video than just 3 minutes of entertainment.

Takeaway: If you listen to an evil laugh, youll be entertained for a moment. If you learn to evil laugh, youll be entertained for a lifetime. Mwha-ha-ha!