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Have You Seen This? Diver gets bonked by passing great white shark
As far as close calls go, this one is up there. - photo by Angie Treasure
DEEP BLUE SEA For me, the holidays are a great time to reflect on what I'm grateful for.

I'm always supremely grateful for my health, my family and friends and the opportunity I have to live where I do and have a job that I like. I'm grateful for the challenges I face personally and professionally because they help me grow and learn about myself in a way that stagnation can't.

This holiday, though, a YouTube video of a great white shark headbutting an unsuspecting diver probably gave that guy something else to be grateful for that's entirely out of the realm of what's normal.

In a video posted by Latest News, a diver is caught on camera lackadaisically swimming in an unnamed ocean when the unexpected occurs. With his back toward some murky water, the video shows a not-so-small finned foe careen into frame and bonk the back of the diver in the head. The incident reads more like an accident in unclear water than an act of aggression, but I'm no Chondrichthyes expert.

Either way, this guy had a close call and a heck of a video to show family and friends after resurfacing, hopefully sans bends.