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Have You Seen This? Dog fails to catch Frisbee in slow motion
Backyard Frisbee with man's best friend: a classic summertime experience. That is, until it all goes wrong. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE BACKYARD Ahhh, playing Frisbee with your dog; a classic summertime experience. That is until it all goes wrong.

In a video posted to YouTube by Tyler Burson, a guy is just enjoying some good, quality time in his backyard with man's best friend. The two are playing fetch, throwing a Frisbee around, and someone thought it'd be cool to capture the Frisbee dog go in slo-mo.

I agree, it was a good idea, but probably not for the reasons they originally intended.

Burson's dog leaps majestically through the air with his eyes on the Frisbee, but unfortunately, he didn't leap quite far enough. Just as he's about to clamp his teeth down on the toy, the disc sails past him and he crashes into the cameraman and they both take a tumble.

It looks like it was all in good fun, and I think everyone made it out OK. Burson and his friend probably went right back to playing more Frisbee fetch, and I think we're all winners in this situation for getting to enjoy this great video.