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Have You Seen This? Free metal, not free metal
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THE FRONT LAWN Everyone loves free stuff.

Admit it, you try to be the first in line when free snacks and treats appear at work, you always take swag from any event whether you'll use it or not, and you always slow down just a little bit when you spot an old piece of furniture on the side of the road, just in case.

You don't have to be ashamed that you like free stuff it's only human, especially in a state where the founders were all about industry and frugality.

You definitely get what you pay for when something is free, but sometimes you can find gems. I can promise you that this video shows about the shiniest gem available when it comes to a commodity available behind a sign labeled free.

Sure, if you see a sign that says free metal on a front lawn, you might expect some good scrap for your next welding project. However, you won't be disappointed by this bait and switch.

In this case, free metal means a free metal guitar solo played by a dayglow white man in a special outfit that includes black socks, bermuda shorts, a red cape, and a straw hat. He ain't half bad on his axe either.

This is definitely a free item worth stopping for.