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Have You Seen This? Grandpa plus tech equals adorable proposal reaction
Tech mishaps can and have happened to most of us, but only a few can make a mistake as adorably as this grandpa. - photo by Martha Ostergar
ON ONE KNEE Advances in technology have made so many things easier for many people.

However, those who have grown up with smartphones and the internet dont think much of it. They dont realize that for the rest of us the struggle is real to keep in step with tech.

The grandpa in this featured video has a little case of tech user error. Well, the error is little, but the event was not.

John Hart was visiting Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque, New Mexico when he struck up a conversation with a couple on the tram.

According to a story from KOB4, Hart joked with the couple that the lookout point was the perfect place for a marriage proposal. Little did he know, that was just the plan in mind.

The groom asked Harts grandson, Jayce Flauding, to film the proposal, so Flauding handed his own phone to Hart, who is a retired photographer for the Navy.

Hart was delighted to witness the proposal, and we know this because Hart accidentally filmed himself and his reaction the whole time, capturing zero percent of the proposal on video. But Harts reaction is so wholesome and perfect that its probably better than any ol proposal anyway.

Ooooooooooooh, Hart sighs in the video as he grins from ear-to-ear, Thats so cool!

The mistake ended in some good belly laughs from the group, and we all got to virtually meet the sweetheart that is Hart because of it.

If youre still curious about the proposal itself, the couple recently released another video that actually shows the proposal. The video was filmed by Flauding with the grooms phone.