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Have You Seen This? High schooler sinks full-court shot, is not a hero
While its an impressive basket, this teens 27-second mistake made the shot a little less thrilling. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE COURT An Australian high schooler was thrilled to sink a full-court shot during a recent game.

I mean, who wouldnt be over-the-moon upon sinking a wild throw into the void that is only backed by a wing and a prayer? It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime thing and the stuff that high school sports heroes movies are made of.

Well, at least a teen would feel like a hero if said shot was a game-winning basket that sunk at the buzzer. But having a Hoosiers experience is a little too much for most of us plebs to ask for, and sometimes mistakes are made such as thinking there are 3 seconds on the clock instead of 30.

And thats just what happened to Tom Moscrop who plays for the Frankston Blues in Melbourne, Australia. And of course it was caught on video.

Dont get me wrong, the shot is still wildly impressive, but its a little surreal to watch it sink then see all the players stop in a confused manner with no cheers, gesticulations, and bear hugs that come with all sportsing celebrations.

In the video description, Tom calls the basket the shot of his life, and that may be so. But now I have to ask this question: If you sink a full-court shot when theres still plenty of time on the clock, can you even call it the shot of your life? After all, he made the amazing shot, but I still feel a bit sorry for him.