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Have You Seen This? How to float a bouncy castle
All Xach wanted for his 25th birthday was to float a bounce house on a river. - photo by Angie Treasure

PARTY RIVER Im not exactly what youd call a birthday person.

Dont get me wrong its cool to turn a year older, reflect on your challenges/accomplishments and see the people you love, but I know people who celebrate the eve of their birthday MONTH. Im not saying you have to ignore the day completely, but theres got to be a happy medium.

Enter Xach Fischer the co-founder of a Washington-based company Rainworks (which creates rain activated artwork, very Pacific Northwest-y). All he wanted for his 25th birthday was to float a bounce house on a river. Easy peasy?

Luckily for us, Fischer filmed his weird birthday wish and put it on the internet.

Fischer used an old bouncy house and a raft rig that kept the blower from taking a swim and applied a bunch of caulk to the seams to keep it from taking on water and bounded the day away. Im sure that dragon has seen its fair share of birthdays in its day as a rental unit, but none quite so unique as this.

Keep in mind, the bounce house was something the users owned and were able to make alterations to, the specifics of which are detailed in the video. It seems unlikely your run-of-the-mill rental place would let you try this one at home.

Whats been your most memorable birthday?