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Have You Seen This? How to give a cat for Christmas
If it's time for your family to get a cat for Christmas, you must gift it in style. - photo by Martha Ostergar
SANTAS WORKSHOP If it's time for your family to get a cat for Christmas this year, there are many things to think about and prepare.

The responsibility of a cat comes with tasks like feeding, play time, cleaning out the litter box, and generally being kind and present for your chosen fur friend.

Something new pet owners may be thinking about is how to gift the pet. Do you hide it at the neighbors? Do you put it in box right before you gift it? Do you present it in a carrier with a bow on top?

If you want to really up your cat giving game, its time to watch this tutorial about gift wrapping a cat.

This Oceanic woman (I cant tell if shes from Australia or New Zealand, so lets go ahead and keep this real general), has her technique down pat. In fact, based on her cat-wrangling skills, Im going to go ahead and call her a cat gift wrapping expert.

Even though shes a pro, she breaks down the process so that any new or seasoned cat owner can follow along to get a great result. All you need to do is take one terrifically calm cat and a roll of festive paper to get started. It also doesnt hurt if the cat is a gorgeous blue, with amber if looks could kill eyes like the beut in the video.

Remember, if you already own a cat, this technique can also be used on your cat as an extra spruce of holiday decor. And once you go pro with your cat wrapping skills, your kitty will be purring with the holiday spirit like this featured happy cat. does not know the temperment of your cat, and some cats may fight back when being wrapped. Please gift wrap pets responsibly and at your own risk.