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Have You Seen This? Lion vs. cowardly man
Sometimes its hard to practice what you preach, especially when you work with big cats. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE LIONS DEN Humankinds search for meaning can take a lot of paths and twists and turns.

Whether your personal path includes religion, mantras, mission statements, philosophical study or any number of other ideas, it all seems to come back to finding a set of values and guidelines by which to live your life to find happiness without doing harm to others.

The basic values formula also seems to apply to many businesses from big corporate conglomerates to mom and pop stores to find best business practices. Even if you work with wildlife, you have certain rules and values to live by to keep yourself safe.

All of this is a high-falutin leadup to say that sometimes its really difficult like, really, really difficult to practice what you preach. Just ask this zookeeper in this video who is working with a lion during a demonstration at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Campe Verde, Arizona.

Now, when you play with lions, its important that you never show fear, the keeper in the video says with practiced confidence.

My response: Its a good value, sir. But it doesnt seem to hold any water when a beast with 10 meat hooks at the ends of its paws snarls and pounces the fence behind you. I believe your cartoon-like scream proves my point.

Of course, this all could be some immaculately timed bit from the keeper. Either way, Im guessing youll rewatch this video two to six-plus times. Its quite a delight.