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Have You Seen This? Man bowls 12 strikes in record time
Ben Ketola, a 23-year-old bowler, just broke the world record for the fastest perfect bowling game in history. Watch him get 12 strikes in an unbelievable 86.9 seconds. - photo by Mary Dalrymple

THE BOWLING ALLEY How good is your bowling game? Probably better than mine, but not as good as 23-year-old bowler Ben Ketola who just broke the world record for the fastest perfect bowling game in history.

In this video, Ketola uses all 10 lanes in his Cortland, New York, bowling alley to bowl 12 strikes, making a perfect 300 game, in just 86.9 seconds. Yes, in less than 2 minutes, Ketola managed to do something most of us could try for all our lives and never achieve.

According to, the previous record 110.99 seconds was held by pro bowler Tom Dougherty and was recorded in a 2015 YouTube video. Ketola said he watched that video and saw it as a challenge. Apparently it took him about four attempts to accomplish this feat, but honestly, I'd be impressed even if it had taken 100 attempts.

As someone who loves bowling, I can manage a few strikes, but I'm inconsistent enough that my family may or may not have made up a song about how often I get gutter balls. Because of that, this video was mind-blowingly impressive and super fun to watch. Enjoy the video and then share your best bowling score in the comments below. Mine was somewhere in the 100s (I told you, I'm not good.)