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Have You Seen This? Self-petting dog will make your day
Hes a strong, independent dog who dont need no human to get pet. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE DOG HOUSE If youve met more than one or two dogs, youve probably met at least one really smart dog and at least one happy but really dumb dog.

This video is about one of those really smart dogs. No, he didnt save someones life, hes not a bomb-sniffing dog, he's not a K-9 trained to take down human threats, nor is he any other kind of hero dog (unless you count being a hero of the internet, which I do.)

This dog is smart because he knows what he likes, and he knows how to get it without any help from us dumb humans. What, pray tell does this dog like? Thats an excellent question thank you for asking.

This sweet hound likes ticklish pets, and once his owner hangs her fringed purse on a chair, he knows that the dangling leather strips will give him just what he needs. Sure, he proves hes smart as he walks under the fringe to feel the gentle strokes of each strip along his back, but what makes it both hilarious and fascinating is the speed at which he walks under the fringe.

His slow-mo moves are incredibly impressive. In fact, theyre amazing enough to impress action movie slow-mo experts like John Woo or Michael Bay. It will seriously make your day.

Dogs in general may be considered to be mans best friend, but this clever pup is a strong, independent dog who don't need no human to get his ticklish pets.