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Have You Seen This? Semitruck driver saves the day
If you've ever narrowly avoided a catastrophic car crash, you can probably understand the emotions this semitruck driver felt as he maneuvered his vehicle back into control on a crowded highway. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
TRAFFIC CITY Have you ever had a close call while driving, then masterfully maneuvered out of a catastrophic accident?

You probably felt like a superhero for a moment. And you deserved to. Good job, you. You may have saved someone's life, or at the very least, avoided some expensive auto repairs. But chances are you did not feel as good as this semitruck driver did when he maneuvered out of this bizarre situation.

This thrilling video out of a news station in South Korea shows traffic cam footage of a semitruck losing control on a busy highway. It looks like something goes wrong with the truck, and then it starts swerving across the road.

As the driver attempts to maintain control, the truck tips up onto its right wheels, as if it's about to fall over.

Watch the video and marvel as the hero driver manages to get the truck back under control with all wheels on the ground, narrowly avoiding a tiny sedan in the process.

If you watch until the end, there's a bonus crash that actually made my jaw drop when I watched it, so this video is just full of shocking views.