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Have You Seen This? Snake has rhythm
You may not like snakes, but you can appreciate this one's ability to get down. - photo by Angie Treasure
FUNKYTOWN Snakes are known for slithering, hissing, maintaining their ecosystem's rodent population and ... boogieing?

A hiker caught a Plains Hognose snake catching some dancing fever in the desert when it heard some Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Zach Wood caught it on camera.

The snake which is native to North America, though the video doesn't say where it was spotted specifically started pulsating in time with the CCR smash hit "Proud Mary," later made famous by Tina Turner's frenetic dance moves. Who knew serpents had so much soul?

"Caught a video of a Plains Hognose dancing along to Creedence Clearwater Revival's song 'Proud Mary,'" Wood wrote in the video's description. "The snake is NOT injured. This behavior, along with playing dead, is very common with this type of snake. Soon after the video, the snake went away into the brush moving as any other normally would."

There's actually significant scientific debate surrounding snakes' ability to hear since they have no external ears, nor eardrums. Biologists found it most likely that snakes feel vibrations through the ground and into their jawbones and that's how they sensed sound, but there's research now that suggests there are other ways snakes pick up the noise around them.

Either way, it definitely seems like this particular slithery friend is a fan of swamp rock.

As one YouTube commenter wrote, "Any animal that has the ability to move and hear, can't resist the urge to boogie to CCR."