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Have You Seen This? Spooky acapella mashup of Disney Halloween songs
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song! This is the perfect haunting Halloween tune to help you get ready for trick-or-treating. - photo by Mary Dalrymple

HALLOWEEN TOWN Even ghouls and ghosts will appreciate this spooky acapella mashup of Halloween songs.

If you need a haunting Halloween tune to help you get in the mood for trick-or-treating and costume parties, YouTube channel Paint has you covered. In this video, Jon Cozart, who makes comical and informative acapella music videos, teamed up with acapella group Voctave for a spooky mashup of songs from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The video will transport you right into the rickety chairs from the Haunted Mansion, with your favorite characters and ghosts popping up this time not to frighten, but to serenade you about pumpkins screaming, spooks at midnight and grim-grinning ghosts.

Watch this video, then let us know what your favorite Halloween tunes are in the comments. Happy Halloween!