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Have You Seen This? Tots joyful GoPro egg hunt
No Caption - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE YARD There are many who are sticklers for when the celebration of a holiday should start and stop, but some holiday happenings transcend all such imaginary boundaries.

My first and only exhibit is this better-than-free-Easter-candy video of a little boy wearing a GoPro camera while hunting for Easter eggs. Its bona fide and guaranteed to make you smile.

Now, if it was just some kid crashing around trying to beat out every other kid in an egg count competition, I wouldnt dream of posting it. Instead its a super sweet little fellow who self-talks his way through some clumsy yet excited egg hunting.

This video delights me so much that Ive already watched it three times and will more than likely watch it again before I submit this article for publication.

Here are the highlights you will enjoy while watching 2.5 minutes of unadulterated joy:

  • Heavy breathing as only an excited small child can produce
  • Self-affirming statements like Go me! Go me! and Im a big boy!
  • Running past several out-in-the-open eggs to get to an egg seen in the distance
  • Pauses in the hunt to check out the special egg content
  • Other inefficient hunt tactics
  • Rejection and careful replacement of a real egg (who needs that noise?)
  • General narration of his entire hunt
  • All around adorableness