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How to get your children to do their chores, in one tweet
Chores are a good thing for children. They make youngsters more responsible and improve their social skills. Here's one way to get your child to do them. - photo by Herb Scribner
A study earlier this year from the University of Mississippi found that chores are good for children, according to The Washington Times.

The study said chores help children learn how to handle responsibilities, how to be more empathetic towards adults and how to have strong social relationships with friends and family, according to The Washington Times.

That said, it can be difficult to inspire children to wash the floor or pick up their toys. The studys researchers suggested parents make chores a family event, where each member is responsible for one chore.

Rather than saying, Its time to do your chores, you can say, Its time for us to do our chores, Nicholas Long, director of the Center for Effective Parenting at Arkansas Childrens Hospital, told The Washington Times. One of the keys is that you can make it fun. You can turn on music and you kind of dance some. It needs to be kind of a fun time instead of a punitive time, especially with young kids and kids who are kind of resistant. And over time they will learn to do these things on their own without all that stuff.

Parents may also want to give their children incentives to complete their chores, like this one pictured below, which will likely work with any child who loves technology.