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If she has these 12 characteristics, she's a keeper and you should never let her go
If she has these traits, she's something special. - photo by Melinda Fox
You're lucky to have this woman in your life. If she has these 12 traits, she's the kind of woman you need to fight for to make sure she stays in your life forever:

1. You like cleaning the bathroom with her

Pick your least favorite chore. Now add her. Does having her there make scrubbing the bathtub or navigating grocery store aisles more enjoyable? If so, she's the kind of lady you really need to keep in your life.

2. She doesn't need you

Everybody wants to feel needed by their significant other, and to an extent, that's a good thing. However, it's more important to be with a woman who has her own goals and aspirations, and whose life is so full that she doesn't need someone else to complete it. That's the kind of person you'd be lucky to share your life with. She loves being with you, not because she needs a person in her life, but because you're someone special.

3. When you're with her, you're the best version of yourself

When you're around her, you really like yourself. Maybe she's so awesome that you need to put your best foot forward to be as amazing as she is, or maybe you simply feel so at ease with her that you're free to be yourself. Either way, if you are your best self when you're with her, don't let her go.

4. She fights fair

It's important to test out rocky terrain before making a long-term commitment to someone. If she fights fair not putting you down, listening to your point of view, making compromises, etc. she's someone who you'll be able to navigate your future challenges with.

5. She goes to concerts with you (even though she hates them)

If she's willing to sacrifice her time (even if it's only occasionally) to indulge in your hobbies even when they aren't her favorite, she's the kind of person who loves you enough to put you first.

6. She's honest, even if it hurts

She strives to be tactful and kind because she cares about you, and she also cares about you enough to be honest. Sometimes this can be painful for her (when she has to admit a mistake) or for you (when she has to tell you like it is) but you know you can trust her because she cultivates that trust with integrity.

7. Your family likes her (and she likes them)

A relationship is about more than just the two people involved. Maybe your girl and your family not getting along isn't a deal breaker, but if they like each other, she's golden.

8. She's authentic

She's confident and fearless because, honestly, she knows how awesome she is.

9. She treats people well

She's not just nice to you because she likes you, she's nice because she's a pleasant person. She treats her friends, family and strangers with respect.

10. Her strengths are your weaknesses (and vice versa)

You two definitely aren't the same person, (what's the fun in that?) but your differences compliment each other. Maybe you prefer to sit back and listen while she can work a room like no one else. Maybe you can do wonders with an iron and she has a knack for folding T-shirts. No matter what your differences are, the two of you make a killer team.

11. She shares your values

Even though you two are different in so many ways, you both believe in the same essential values. For example, if you both have complimentary life goals, you will be able to support each other far into the future.

12. You love her

This one speaks for itself.