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If youre taking this type of birth control, youre actually at risk for getting pregnant
If you're taking this birth control or know someone who is, you're going to want to read this. - photo by Lindsey Miller
Oh, birth control. Maybe you love that it prevents you from getting pregnant, but everything else about it is pretty much the worst. From remembering to take the pill to crying over everything, the hormones from birth control can send you on an emotional rollercoaster thats hard to get off.

Or, maybe you love your birth control because it cures your acne and relieves those nasty period cramps. Plus, youre confident it will keep you from becoming a mom before youre ready.

Birth control has one main job

There are many different types of birth control, but they all have one thing in common to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Theres one type of birth control, however, thats being recalled because its not doing the one job it was made to do.

The FDA announced that a birth control pill called Mibelas 24 F-E is being recalled because the pack of pills was rotated 180 degrees in the packaging. This made the expiration date impossible to see and flipped the packet of tablets upside down.

Why is this important?

This doesnt seem like too big of a deal, right? Although the pills formula was completely fine, the placebo pills were misplaced as the first pills in the packet, and the actual birth control came after the placebos.

According to Cafe Mom, In other words, if women take them as theyre packaged, theyll effectively screw up their cycles and potentially get pregnant.

These pills have an expiration date of May 2018, but because of the packaging error, its impossible to see it.

Unplanned pregnancy can be dangerous

For people trying to avoid pregnancy, this can be potentially dangerous. KTLA states, An unintended pregnancy may cause significant adverse maternal or fetal health consequences, including death.

The pills are being recalled

The company responsible for the pills, Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc., is sending out recall letters and making sure the defective contraceptive packets can be returned. The FDA is encouraging everyone who has this product to contact their doctor and take the pills back to the pharmacy the got them from.

If you use this type of birth control, return it to your pharmacy immediately. Even if you dont, share this to warn others who might be putting themselves at risk of pregnancy.