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Marry someone who loves you EXACTLY like this
Having standards isn't being picky. - photo by Melinda Fox
Ignore the people who will tell you you're being picky. Having standards isn't being picky.

Ignore the people who will tell you you're caught in a fairytale. Believing in your dreams isn't fantasy.

You don't have to settle for the guy that's there. You can have the love that's some kind of wonderful, the love that worth the sacrifice, the love that's true. Because anything else simply isn't worth it.

Marry someone who loves you even though youre not perfect

He loves you (and your flaws) unconditionally.

Marry someone who chases you after hes caught you

He doesn't believe that just because he's got the girl, he's got her forever. He consistently puts effort into winning your heart day after day.

Marry someone who has seen you at your worst

Even though hes seen you broken down in tears, mean and selfish, tired and awful, somehow he still loves you even your worst self.

Marry someone who loves to love

He doesnt hold back affection. He pours it on in his own way, whether with kisses, whispered words or little selfless acts. He joys in loving you.

Marry someone who makes you laugh

When you're stressed out or feel like a fool, he's got a knack for easing the crazy out of you and putting a smile on your face.

Marry someone you want, not someone you need

You arent someone who needs a man in her life because your life is full enough with your own interests and passions. However, you choose to be with him because hes someone worth making space for in your already full life.

Marry someone who could break your heart but won't

Sometimes we date people who are safe; they could walk out of our lives without breaking our heart. While safe, that is not someone you should marry.

Marry someone you're so in love with, that you've given your whole heart to, so much so that they have the power to break it (but he won't) because he loves you that much too.

Marry the one who holds your hand

He's the one who wants to stay close to you.

Marry someone who chooses you every day

He doesn't stay with you day after day because you're there, he consciously chooses to stay and he takes all the consequences that come with that choice. Even when those consequences are negative, he picks you again the next day.

Marry someone who doesnt make you work for it, but makes you want to work for it

You dont have to work through his games of hard-to-get, you never have to earn his affection. But still, you put in the effort because you want to work at a relationship with him.

Marry someone whos afraid to lose you

You need the man who is afraid to lose you. So much so that he'd do anything to keep you (so he does).

Marry someone you want to see every day

There's not a day that wouldn't be made better by having him in it. Any song sounds better when you listen with him and every activity is just more fun when you're together.

Marry someone who doesnt try to change you

He likes you just as you are, but you keep evolving because being around him makes you want to be an even better version of you.