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Michigan man finds out that his dog qualified for unemployment
Michael Haddock, who lives in Saugatuck, Michigan, received a letter on Saturday from the states unemployment office addressed to a Michael Ryder, which is his dog's name. - photo by Herb Scribner
A dog in western Michigan mistakenly received unemployment benefits this week, at least in the eyes of the dog's owner.

Michael Haddock, who lives in Saugatuck, Michigan, received a letter on Saturday from his states unemployment office that was addressed to a Michael Ryder. The letter said Michael Ryder will receive $360 per week in unemployment, according to ABC affiliate WZZM.

Haddocks first name is Michael. His dogs name? Ryder.

I was surprised to see it, but I had a good laugh, Haddock said.

Haddock posted a picture of the notification on Facebook and wrote, Not sure what he is going to do with the money, but it should be interesting. I knew he was clever, but he surprised me this time.

According to the Associated Press, Ryder is a German shepherd.

Haddock said the letter listed a restaurant chain in Detroit as the employer. He contacted the restaurant and the state unemployment office to clear up the mistake, according to ABC News.

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency told ABC News that the agency sent the letter to Haddocks address, though it was later listed as suspicious.

"Unfortunately, Michael Ryders claim will not be allowed. I know firsthand it is rare for 'mans best friend' to contribute financially to the household and that will continue in this instance," Tim Kolar, state administrator of investigations with the agency, told ABC.

Agency spokesman Chris DeWitt told CBS Detroit theyre unsure if theyll ever discover the culprit.

Due to criminals stealing data from a number of different places Equifax, other places where this has happened over the last few years criminals are now using that information to file for unemployment benefits, and the IRS is running into the same problem with tax refunds. Thats how this starts.

Haddock still holds the suspicion that this was a practical joke, according to CBS Detroit.

I have plenty of friends that maybe would do something (like this), but they would genuinely fess up to it by now. So, yeah, Im not sure, he said.