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News anchor learns about her husbands death while reporting it on live TV
What she did with her heartbreak is beautiful. - photo by Melinda Fox
We walk through the world composed. If youre breaking inside over a broken marriage, if your body aches with the weight of your childs illness, if you feel inadequate because of your constant failings, you hold it inside you. You hide your emotions to keep them from bursting through your chest. People ask, How are you? and you respond, Me? Im fine, because you have to be composed you cant let the world see your tragedy.

Last week, Indian news anchor Supreet Kaur learned of her husband's death while reporting on live TV.

And she hid her tragedy with elegance.

On Saturday morning, Kaur went into work as a news anchor for IBC-24 on and read the news as usual. A piece of breaking news appeared for her to read: a car accident in Mahasamund. She spoke with a reporter over the broadcast and learned that two people were in critical condition and three were dead. Although the report didnt identify any of the deceased, as she read the news, Kaur knew the truth: she was reading the news of her husband's death on live television.

A senior editor said that he and some others on the news staff learned that her husband was one of the deceased while she was reading the news, But we did not tell her. We did not have the courage, the editor reported.

Still, Kaur had the courage to do what others could not. She continued to do her job, reporting on the news with composure. As soon as she walked out of the studio, Kaur began calling family members and broke into sobs but only after the news hour had finished.

When asked about Kaur, of her colleagues said, She is an extremely brave lady. We are proud of her as an anchor, but what happened today has left us in shock.

What Kaur did, holding her composure together in order to complete her job, shows bravery that few of us can achieve.

Although sometimes its more courageous to let others see the truth of our broken heart, other times, its more courageous to hold our brokenness inside. It's only then that we can heal the broken hearts around us. There are people who need our shoulders in the very moment we need a shoulder ourselves to cry on. There are friends who need a hand to wipe their tears in the moment we are sobbing. In the moment we ourselves are shocked with the news, there are wives waiting for their husbands to come home, wondering where they are, that need to be told the news.

There is such beauty in succoring someone elses suffering when you are in the midst of your own tragedy. When you feel the urge to feel sorry for yourself and retreat, find those that are also suffering and do what you can to give them the help that you crave.