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Study proves that moms can be happier by doing this
They say money can't buy happiness, but in this case, perhaps it actually can. - photo by Wendy Jessen
If moms need anything, it's more time. Time to be with their kids, time to cook and clean, time to grocery shop, time to work and time to simply enjoy life.

But for all moms, whether they work outside the home or not, it's hard to get everything done.

What if hiring out some of the work you have to do could not only give you more time, but could increase your happiness?

The problem for moms

Nowadays, 76 percent of mothers (as of 2016) work full-time outside the home, according to Working Mother. Despite this, society norms still require that women are responsible for most of the housework, cooking, and childcare after a full day's work.

Not only that, but hiring someone to help comes with a stigma. Mothers feel judged (real or imagined), even if the only judge is themselves, if they can't do it all alone. The result is bedraggled women who are overwhelmed and don't have time for everything, much less to take a shower.

Can money buy happiness?

A study found that those who spent money to help out with cleaning or cooking had greater life satisfaction and feeling happier. Why? The researchers think "that using money to free up time makes people feel like they have more control over their days."

For working moms, hiring some help can make all the difference. "Within many cultures, women may feel obligated to complete household tasks themselves, working a 'second-shift' at home, even when they can afford to pay someone to help. In recent decades, women have made gains, such as improved access to education, but their life satisfaction has declined; increasing uptake of time-saving services may provide a pathway toward reducing the harmful effects of womens second-shift," the authors of the study wrote.

Interestingly, there was a stronger correlation between increased happiness and less wealthy households who hired help.

You don't have to hire help

Even though it would be nice to pay someone to help out with tasks around the house, that isn't an option for most of us. However, moms shouldn't have to carry the burden of maintaining the household alone.

Children from a young age can start learning to do simple tasks like putting away toys, and then learning to do dishes and help cook as they get older. Husbands and fathers can pick up some of the responsibilities as well. One person running a household for multiple family members is unreasonable and unfair. Everyone can and should learn how to help.

With everyone working together, the time to get chores and dinner done reduces, which gives moms and families time to do more activities together. Happiness comes from spending time with the people we love-- and that should be the highest priority.