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The Clean Cut: 3-year-old girl grateful for a paperclip
Ellia Anderson is thrilled with the gift her mom gave her. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Esther Anderson runs a blog called Story of This Life where she posts about everyday things that come from being a wife and mother of two. Last week, to celebrate Thanksgiving, she posted on her Facebook and YouTube pages a video about gratitude.

In the video, Anderson wraps a paperclip and gives it to her 3-year-old daughter Ellia, who is instantly thrilled. Thank you, mama, is all Ellia says before she announces that she is going to go play with her new paperclip. Anderson posted a photo of Ellia later the same day reading to her paperclip.

Anderson made the video because she wanted a new perspective on gratitude. She wanted to show how little children are grateful for the little things. Sometimes children have it more figured out than us adults, Anderson wrote on Facebook.

Watch the video on YouTube here.