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The Clean Cut: Daddy Doin Work celebrates fatherhood
YouTube screenshot - photo by Kelsey Schwab
When Doyin Richards admitted to his daughter that the ponytail he shaped her hair into was lumpy, she replied, Its OK, I still love you.

Richards was thrown into the limelight when a photo of him doing his daughters hair while holding his younger daughter in a baby carrier went viral. Since then, he has made the argument that although this shouldnt be anything out of the ordinary, the world should celebrate the day-to-day things dads do.

We have to normalize fatherhood. In order to get to the point of normalization, we have to celebrate it, Richards said in an Upworthy YouTube video. Upworthy is a YouTube channel that is on a mission to tell stories that bring people togetherbecause were all part of the same story, according to the channel.

A special Upworthy series of videos titled What Dads Do, focuses on celebrating hardworking dads, one dad at a time.

I just do what millions of dads across America do. Its not that special. Guess what? If a woman did this, this would not be news, right? But the fact that Im a guy and I do that, it just shows that we really need to change the narrative of what fatherhoods about, Richards said in a YouTube video featuring news reels he participated in.

Richards started a blog called Daddy Doin Work, which focuses on the importance of good fathers.

Im completely convinced that there are more good dads out there than bad ones, and I want to use my platform to celebrate these men, push the ones who need improvement (including me) to be better, and to recognize the amazing womenthey partner with, Richards said on the blog.

Watch the video on YouTube here.