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The Clean Cut: Kid President sleeps under the Declaration of Independence in 4th of July video
Kid President shares a patriotic message in his newest video. - photo by Kelsey Schwab
Robby Novak has been known as Kid President for four years. Kid President is a series of videos on the SoulPancake YouTube channel that feature 12-year-old Novak giving inspirational advice to adults.

In the latest Kid President video, Novak dreams of making historybut instead of dreaming under the stars, he dreamt under the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives to celebrate the fourth of July.

It has been a dream of Kid Presidents to help make HISTORY! So, he asked, How can I be a part of making history? Maybe by making the worlds largest crouton? Or by going to the moon? Well, Kid President still has some brainstorming to do. But in the meantime, he did something totally awesome... he got to have a sleepover in the National Archives in Washington DC! And he set up his sleeping bag right underneath the Declaration of Independence, according to the description below the video.

A family project out to change the world, the Kid President videos are created by Brad Montague, Robby Novaks brother-in-law. He created the first Kid President video out of the simple belief that kids have voices worth listening to in July 2012, according to the "Kid President" official website.

Montague manages the Kid President Twitter account, where he posted about spending the night in the National Archives.

Yes, this sleepover is historic, but all of our lives are historic- you, meall of us. Were already making history just by being here. Together were part of something really big: a story that has been happening before us, and a story thats going on right now, Novak said in the video. Believe it or not, not everything has been done. Not every important story has been told. Theres still a lot of good to do in this little world.

Watch the video on YouTube here.